Monday, March 15, 2010

6: Fineview

Another North Side neighborhood, Fineview is a residential community that sits on top of a hill above East Allegheny and the Central North Side. It has a little overlook with this view (taken last fall):
I took the rest of these photos on a walk in March 2010. I started from my own neighborhood, East Allegheny, and walked up several flights of city steps to get to the top.
This view is from about half-way up, taken from the city steps. The big yellow building in the center is the School House Apartments in East Allegheny. Veteran's Bridge is to the left.
WPXI used to be located in Fineview but moved in 2007 to Summer Hill. Below you can see the TV antenna behind the houses.
Like so many Pittsburgh neighborhoods, there are huge, grand homes like this one that sit vacant because they're so expensive to fix up. So sad.
Also like many Pittsburgh neighborhoods, there are some woodsy areas in Fineview. I like that this looks like the road leads to Downtown.
Image below from Wikipedia.

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