Sunday, December 13, 2009

4: Spring Hill

Spring Hill is a neighborhood of views. Rising from the Spring Garden and East Allegheny valleys on the North Side, it's a calf-burning, breathless hike to the very top, where a cemetery offers some of the best views in the whole city (the photo in this blog's header is from Spring Hill).

Along the way are roads and houses clinging to the hillside that you can reach through a series of city steps. At the top, just below the cemetery, are several streets with cute, well-maintained homes, clean streets, kids playing on the sidewalks, and people out walking dogs. It has the feel of a cozy family neighborhood. On the back side of Spring Hill is a very small business district, composed mainly of a bank (with views to the East End) and a convenience store with very limited hours.

One of many city steps climbing up from East Allegheny to Spring Hill.
View from Spring Hill of Spring Garden in the foreground, Troy Hill behind it, and the 16th Street Bridge, Mellon Arena, and the Hill District in the far distance. Houses on the hillside in Spring Hill. Photo by Dave.
Zoomed-in view of the cemetery at the top of Spring Hill, taken in Troy Hill near the Heinz plant. Photo by Dave. Cemetery marker in the Spring Hill cemetery. Photo by Dave.In the cemetery looking out over Route 279 North. Photo by Dave.
In the cemetery looking toward Downtown Pittsburgh. Spring Hill homes are in the foreground.
Once you get to the top and catch your breath, it's a pleasant walk through the cemetery, especially on a warm fall day like we had this year.
Me, relaxing and enjoying the views in the cemetery. Photo by Dave.
Map of Spring Hill from Wikipedia.


  1. I have been looking for the cemetery that my great grandfather was buried in. I do not know the name, just that it was on top of a hill. Could someone please contact me, I would like to ask some questions about this cemetery. My email address is I look forward to hearing from you.

    Michelle Salisbury

  2. The cemetery is St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery. Directions to it are here