Sunday, February 21, 2010

5: North Shore

Just a few years back, I remember signs for "North Shore" popping up and being puzzled. Why were they calling the North Side the North Shore? Today, of course, the North Shore is the section of the North Side that people are most likely to visit. This long, narrow section of the city right beside the Allegheny River is home to many of the city's most popular destinations, including Heinz Field, PNC Park, Carnegie Science Center, the new Rivers Casino, and the Andy Warhol Museum.

I couldn't find anything to support my claim, but I believe the North Shore is Pittsburgh's newest neighborhood, with the name being given around 1996 to mark all the development in the area. (This article from 1996 talks about the "new North Shore development.") No, it's not a traditional Pittsburgh neighborhood with parking chairs on streets, city steps leading to houses on hillsides, and independently owned businesses, but it's part of Pittsburgh and is unique as an entertainment and sports destination.

My favorite part of the North Shore is the Three Rivers Heritage Trail, a 21-mile pedestrian trail that cuts through the North Shore. It's popular year-round for walking, jogging, biking, and enjoying the scenic views of the city all along the trail, like these...

Fishing is popular on this part of the trail closest to the river. Photo by Dave. There's a lot of great views of the city from the North Shore. Photo by Dave.
The Alcoa building and the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. Photo by Dave. Replicas of the Nina and Pinta ships were docked at the North Shore in the summer of 2009. Heinz Field and Carnegie Science Center are in the background.
The Fred Rogers memorial statue was unveiled in the summer of 2009.
One of the biggest reasons people come to the North Shore--to see Pittsburgh's beloved Steelers at Heinz Field. Downtown, taken from the North Shore.
Another shot of Downtown taken from the North Shore.
Railroad bridge crossing the Allegheny River; Canadian geese enjoying a swim; part of the Convention Center.
Sunset over PNC Park. Photo by Dave.
One of my very favorite buildings in Pittsburgh, this one designed by architect Frederick John Osterling is behind the Alcoa building.
Photos of the North Shore during the February 2010 blizzard.
Map of the North Shore from Wikipedia.


  1. Wow, great photos and what a great walk down memory lane. It's true: some of my very best memories of Pittsburgh have taken place on the North Shore. I remember in college, I frequently walked to the Warhol Museum, where my creative energy was always refueled. I remember the 5K runs for the Epilepsy Foundation and the party afterward on the Clemente Bridge. Of course, I remember the Steelers games I've been lucky enough to attend and all the tailgating involved with that. And I remember fun nights out at good bars and restaurants like your birthday party last fall and Hyde Park last summer. I really enjoyed this post! Reading it made me realize that the North Shore is arguably my favorite part of the city.

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures! :( i miss that city